Sam's Businesses

Sam Tarell is the founder of three purpose driven organizations.

Hoop Brothers

Sam founded Hoop Brothers in 2012. Over the course of 10 years as CEO he helped over 10,000 student athletes pursue college basketball. Sam stepped down as CEO in 2022. Hoop Brothers is still a growing brand in youth basketball globally. 

Divergent University

Divergent University is Sam’s mission to innovate education and empower students to lead. Divergent University’s one year program offers students a chance to become an entrepreneur and turn their ideas into reality. Over 50% of graduates have become full time entrepreneurs.

The Balance of Gaia

Sam’s brother Tiger founded the Balance of Gaia in 2022 with Sam as a founding member. The Balance of Gaia is a tabletop trading card game with real plants and animals designed to promote balance in nature. The game is starting to build a following in Orlando, FL with competitive events and prize cards.