About Sam

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Eighteen. The number of times that Sam had moved by age 25. Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances and his parents splitting up when Sam was just 9 years old, he and his three siblings became comfortable with relocating and constantly attending new schools.

Through all the moves, Sam quickly found his home on the basketball court. His mom, Patti, did everything that she could to support his dream. Being a single mother of 4 kids and running her own business from home she modeled to Sam what it meant to be a leader and an entrepreneur.

Sam graduated high school from a small private school and didn’t have the opportunity to play college basketball due to limited exposure. At 18 years old he decided to start his first company Hoop Brothers. His mission was to help other players, specifically his younger brother Tiger, to have the opportunity that he never had to play college basketball.

Sam started with nothing but a video camera and a laptop. He created player highlight videos for free for a local basketball training facility and starting building a reputation. Within several years Sam had accomplished his goal of helping Tiger earn a basketball scholarship and along the way he helped thousands of other players and scaled Hoop Brothers to a nationally recognized brand.

Today, Hoop Brothers works with over 1,000 high school players every year, has millions of views on YouTube and has an in house team of over 10 employees as well as hundreds of contractors throughout the country. Through his experience at Hoop Brothers, Sam learned how to become a better leader, deal with adversity, build a national brand, and a spread a meaningful culture.

Sam decided to use his experience in business to give back. He returned to the University of Central Florida, where he had attended college, to volunteer his time to teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to build businesses and spread their brands. He later developed this teaching into a full internship program to show students everything that he knew.

Sam began taking his teachings to businesses outside of UCF and once again Sam’s reputation began to speak for itself. He became the go-to point of contact for many entrepreneurs and businesses in the Central Florida area who were seeking guidance on brand building and leadership.

In early 2018 Sam launched his second company Infinite Visionaries who’s focus was creating and empowering visionaries through education and business. Infinite Visionaries offers consulting services for entrepreneurs who are looking to take the next leap and 10x their growth. It also provides an after school education program for high school and college students to be mentored personally by Sam and his team on their entrepreneurial ideas. 

Today, Sam travels the US to speak to businesses and colleges about self-awareness and leadership. While he travels he hosts Hoop Brothers exposure events and visionary meetups to connect with more visionaries and continue to build real world relationships. He is currently in the process of writing his first book which will be released in early 2019. 

Sam has one major life goal. He wants to create an education platform for every young visionary around the world. He plans to use the profits from his businesses to help fund this program and plans to use the connections that he makes to help this vision come to reality.

For booking or to inquire about Infinite Visionaries programs you can contact Sam at [email protected] or by calling 407-592-8765.